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Update 03/20/11: I have successfully ported this SharePoint 2010. Simply open the project in Visual Studio 2010, allow VS to upgrade it and then deploy it the same way as instructed for MOSS. I'm going to figure out the best way to upload an already-upgraded version of this to CodePlex in the coming weeks that follows all the usual conventions for doing this kind of update.
</end update>

Project Description
Provides the ability to create generic C# (and potentially other managed .NET) code implemented as an extension to SharePoint Designer.

The project comes about in response to a specific problem: out of the box, SPD provides very basic and limited string manipulation functions. A particular project required a String.Replace() function and that is simply unavailable in SPD.

This project provides both a set of pre-built functions as well as providing a method for developer end users to easily implement and use their own extensions when creating SPD workflows.

- Provide a full set of string manipulation functions (e.g. ToLower, ToUpper, SubString, Index, etc).
- Enable programmers to create their own .dll's and following interface rules, easily execute their code from SPD.
- Package this as a solution.

This project is managed by Paul Galvin of Conchango. Feel free to contact me here: Please visit my blog at

See here!1CC1EDB3DAA9B8AA!275.entry for some more details and documentation.

Here are all of the current functions:
  • Contains: Does a string contain another string?
  • EndsWith: Does a string end with another string?
  • Entry: Return the nth entry from a comma delimited string.
  • Num-entries: Return the number of entries in a string.
  • Replace: Replae a string with another string.
  • StartsWith: Does a string start with another?
  • Substring: Return the substring from a string.
  • ToLower: Convert a string to lower case.
  • ToUpper: Convert a string to upper case.

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