Suddenly stoped working! sharepoin 2010 workflow

first post: AprilDrake wrote: i have used this in several workflows and suddenly it stopped funct...

SharePoint 2010 upgrade?

first post: ilikepivo wrote: Hi thereis there plans to upgrade this to work in 2010?thanks...Jake

latest post: roastchicken wrote: Did any one manage to find a 2010 version ?

2010 version

first post: roastchicken wrote: Hi Is there an already 2010 version available ?

SharePoint 2013

first post: poovam wrote: Hi all will the SPDWF Extensions still work in SP 2013? Thanks.

Any idea whether this could be refactored into a Sandbox-compatible solution?

first post: paranoidmike wrote: Hi Paul, our organization uses SharePoint 2010 but limits our devel...

latest post: PJP wrote: I'm also very interested in this. Anyone have any ideas?

V1.0 features

first post: pagalvin wrote: What features should be developed for "version 1.0"?

latest post: stjones wrote: Has anyone every tried to build a custom action that will move the ...

please remove VSS files from the project

first post: bobbyangers wrote: Hi, Great example. Just a comment, please exclude from the source...

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