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Provide string manipulation using WF variables


Does anyone has ever tried to use theese actions with WF variable?
I just can't make it work. It recognizes the WF variables itsefl as strings and not as variables.
What am i missing?


yaeiou2k wrote Sep 2, 2010 at 11:55 PM

I ran into this tonight. I devled into the source code a bit and was able to do a workaround.
If you tweak the SpdGenericInterface.actions file:

1) Change the DesignerType attribute for each of the InParam1, InParam2, InParam3 <FieldBind> element over to "ParameterNames".
2) Create your own workflow variables Input1, Input2, Input3.
3) Use the standard Set Workflow variable action to bind data into the Input1, Input2, Input3 variables.
4) Use them on the Dispatcher's "Invoice a C# helper function" action.

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